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The Wrinkle Dr Special Offers on injectables!


Introductory offer: 10% off cosmetic injectables to all new clients

Double treatment offer: Have any Botox® and dermal filler treatment & receive a 10% discount on the total price

Introduce a friend & get £25 off your next injectables treatment


*All offers are limited to one offer per transaction and are only applicable for injectable treatments

** You can introduce as many friends as you like but only one discount can be used per transaction


Anti-wrinkle injections

Botox ® Treatments with Dr Hayward Treatments with Dr Vallant, Dr Heaney & Nurse Gwatkin
1 Area £165 £150
2 Areas £220 £200
3 Areas £265 £240
Hyperhydrosis (under arm sweating) £300
Jaw Reduction / teeth grinding botox to the Masseter muscles £275 £225
Migraine Treatment (dependant on number of areas treated) * £330 £300
Nefertiti lift / Botox to vertical neck lines / Platysmal bands £265 £250
Small area – includes bunny lines, eyebrow lift, depressor anguli oris, mentalis (chin), upper lip (small area is charged when treated at the same appointment & in addition to 1-3 areas of botox or fillers) £20 £20
Dermal Filler Treatments with Dr Hayward Treatments with Dr Vallant, Dr Heaney & Nurse Gwatkin
Standard Filler 0.25ml Syringe £140 £125
Standard Filler 0.5ml Syringe £220 £200
Standard Filler 0.8ml Syringe £265 £240
Standard Filler 1ml Syringe £300 £270
Standard Filler 1.5ml Syringe £385 £350
Standard Filler 2ml Syringe £440 £400
Standard Filler 2.5ml Syringe £495 £450
Tear Troughs (volume dependant) from £300 N/A
Lip Enhancement (volume dependant) £220-300 £200-270
Cheek Filler 1ml (lasts 18 months) £330 £300
Dissolving procedures using Hyalase (for treatments performed elsewhere) £80 N/A
Profhilo Treatment £275 for 1 session £250 for 1 session
£500 for 2 sessions paid up front £450 for 2 sessions paid up front

*Prices are variable depending on how many areas are treated

**Volume is a thicker filler which has a more profound volumisation effect and lasts for longer. It is used for deep lines (e.g. marionette) & volume loss on the cheeks.

Top Ups – from 1 to 3 weeks after botox treatment

Complimentary tops ups of Botox are given between 7 days – 3 weeks after the initial treatment to reduce any residual movement.  The majority of clients do not require a top up (we use generous doses) but if you do need further treatment, please contact us within the first 2 weeks or you can book online – but please ensure any top up appointments are booked within 3 weeks of the initial treatment. We are not in a position to offer top ups after this time period.

Eyelash Growth treatment: 1 bottle £60,  2 bottles £120, 3 bottles £150

Includes consultation & prescription only medication.
Lasts 100 days and 100% success rate for thicker and longer lashes.  For maximum effect we recommend purchasing 3 bottles.

For further information please refer to


*All clients are offered local anaesthetic cream prior to all injectable procedures

Dr. Hayward specialises in dermal filler treatments to the lips, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, smoker’s lines and cheeks. She will advise you on the amount (ml) needed at your consultation. She does not perform filler to the tear trough area (under the eyes).

Please note prices for dermal filler are product and volume dependant.

Blemish removal with cryotherapy or thermocoagulation / Facial thread vein removal with Thermocoagulation  

Blemish removal treatments are priced according to the appointment duration – which will depend on the size or number of lesions. Please note  if there are lots of threadveins on the legs or face, it may require 2-4 treatment sessions.

Treatment Type
1 blemish / small area < 1x1cm red vein lesion / single spider naevi
(15 minute appointment) / single cryotherapy area
2-3 small blemishes / small area of red veins e.g.  both sides of nose
(30 minute appointment)
Large areas of red veins / multiple blemishes or skin imperfections
(45 minute appointment)

Sclerotherapy (thread vein injections on the legs or chest area)

If you are having microsclerotherapy treatment, please ensure you buy some compression stockings to wear immediately after your treatment and for the next 3 days. They should be of moderate compression strength, thigh length & the correct size for your legs. Your local chemist will be are able to measure you. However please do so well in advance (2-3 days before) to allow for ordering and delivery.  Stockings can also be purchased online from Mediuk and the Compression Sock Shop. They should be compression class 2 (CCL 2) but grade 1 will suffice if grade 2 is not available.

Treatment Type
1 area £120
2-3 areas £160
Multiple areas £200

Skincare Range

Skin peel treatment £60
Skin peel treatment – course of 2 £110
Skin peel treatment – course of 3 £150
Bioglycolic facial cleanser £30
C-Esta Serum £60
Age intervention retinol plus MD £60
Antioxidant daily face protectant £45
Heliocare Color SPF 50 gel cream £25
Skincare management system starter pack £140
Acne Consultation £50
Tretinoin 0.05% (Ketrel) £45

10% discount for students* and over 65s

* upon presentation of valid student identification

All offers are limited to one offer per transaction.

10% discount for new clients is applicable on cosmetic injectables only


Appointments at The Fulham Clinic: 07522 762355



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