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Jan Marini

We are now stocking JAN MARINI products in the clinic as favoured by Naomi Campbell, Sadie Frost, Trinny Woodhall and Cher to name a few celebrity fans.

Dr Hayward has tried lots of products over the years & finally found a skin care range she will be sticking with! The Jan Marini products have scientifically proven & visible anti-ageing benefits.  The key elements for skin products are glycolic acid, vitamin C, retinol (vitamin A) and SPF.  These products really do work!  

Jan Marini Skin Research products are available from trained skin care professionals.  If you would like to discuss improving the condition of your skin please chat with Dr Hayward during your next appointment.

Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser  237mlBioglycolic_Facial_Cleanser

A gentle cream based cleanser, consisting of 12% glycolic acid, that encourages a soft, smoother and more refined skin texture.  This formula is soap-free, non-irritating, and is a deep cleansing action which rinses completely without the need for a post-cleansing toner.  This paves the way for increased penetration of additional products.  We highly recommend it!   £30.00

C-Esta Serum  30ml

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 11.26.50

C-Esta Vitamin C serum contains and DAE Complex creates conditions in the skin that enable dramatic rejuvenation.  The most multi-functional ingredient is the stable form of vitamin C ensuring your skin’s texture will quickly being to appear smoother and suppler.  With continued use of this antioxidant serum, it will appear firmer, more resilient, and facial contours will appear tighter and more defined.  £60.00

Antioxidant daily face protectant spf 30  57g

Daily face protectantA sunscreen you’ll love to wear – this invisible, hydrating and weightless sunscreen feels amazing and smells great for the ultimate in daily wearability.  It provides a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection to decrease the risk of premature skin aging and dries matt so is very easy to apply make up on top with smearing.  £45.00

Age Intervention Retinol Plus MD  28g


Retinol plus

Age Intervention Retinol Plus provides unparalleled skin rejuvenation benefits.  The most aggressive levels of stabilised all-trans-retinol are synergistically combined with advanced topical agents to maximise the efficacy while simultaneously decreasing or even eliminating acclimation/irritation concerns.  £60.00

Heliocare color spf 50 gel cream brown  50ml


Non-oily, easy to apply, light to the touch formulation with a skin-tone enhancer, giving a healthy bronzed look. Ideal for daily use and all skin types, it provides optimum photoageing protection whilst masking uneven areas of skin tone and blemishes.  £25.00


Tretinoin 0.05% (Ketrel) 30g Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 19.24.46


Tretinoin is a potent retinoid cream based on vitamin A. It is traditionally used for treatment of acne but has also been shown to be one of the most powerful anti-ageing creams available to maintain a more youthful complexion.  Prescription only product available to purchase following a consultation with Dr Hayward.  £70.00


Dr Tamsin Hayward now offers glycolic skin peels in the clinic.  Skin peels are simple, safe, non invasive and unbelievably effective.  Glycolic peels are a great route to improving the condition of your skin without the need to take time off work. 

Further information

 ‘I swear by the Jan Marini skin care range’ – Sadie Frost, Actress –

‘If you could be the face of any brand, which would it be?’ : ‘ Jan Marini because it has helped so many people with skin problems’ – Trinny Woodhall, TV Presenter – The Tatler


Appointments at The Fulham Clinic: 07522 762355


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