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Facial Thread Vein Removal

Prices begin at £50 per treatment

Thread veins, broken capillaries or spider naevi are a very common complaint – they affect up to 30% of people. Red veins on the face most commonly seen around the nose or broken veins on the cheeks can now be easily removed with a single treatment that takes minutes.

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What are Thread or Spider Veins?

Thread veins are capillaries or tiny blood vessels that over time have become permanently dilated.  As we age the very thin walls of these vessels can lose their elasticity and ability to dilate and restrict as is normal. As well as age, other contributing reasons for them appearing include temperature changes, sun damage, pregnancy, smoking, alcohol and a family history.

What are Spider Naevi?

A Spider Naevus is a central dilated vessel with small capillaries radiating from it giving the appearance of the legs of a spider. These are usually found on the cheeks and nose area but can also appear on the chest and legs.

How does it work?

The red vein removal treatment is called micro thermocoagulation.  It consists of a tiny needle (similar to the size to a human hair) delivering a heat treatment over a fraction of a second which seals off the vein walls resulting in instant and permanent disappearance of the thread vein.  This is a safer and more precise than laser treatments which have traditionally been the only other method available to remove red lesions from the face. Thermocoagulation will typically only require one treatment whereas laser often need multiple treatments and can be painful.

The thermocoagulation treatment takes minutes to perform depending on how big the area to be treated is & causes minimal discomfort – at most a prickle sensation which is very easily tolerated.

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If you have a red ‘spot’ or ‘lesion’ that has been present for months or maybe years resulting in you wearing lots of make-up to cover it everyday and you know it is not your conventional ‘spot’ , do pop in & get Dr Hayward to have a look. It may well be that a red area you have had for years proving resistant to other forms of treatment can be removed in minutes with this advanced thermocoagulation technique.

These treatments are very quick and have minimal downtime – definitely a lunch hour treatment. Small red spots e.g. spider naevi or vessels around the nose will be instantly removed with no after effects. If a larger area is treated e.g. lots of small broken veins on the cheeks, the area may look a little pink afterwards but this settles over the course of a few days.

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